Port of Trelleborg

Land Transport and Travel To and From Port Trelleborg
(Trelleborg, Skane, Sweden)

There is an efficient railway and road infrastructure in Trelleborg making the port easily accessible to the rest of Sweden.

Roadways can, however, become hazardous during winter months so it's always worthwhile to check with local authorities for updates on road closings.

Travel by Bus and Shuttles

A shuttle bus runs from the train station to Trelleborg Övre, which is only a 10- minute walk from the main ferry terminal. Take the 146 bus from the train station.

Car Hire and Road Travel

To reach Trelleborg by car from Stockholm, take the E22 motorway. Meanwhile, the E20, E6 and E4 connect the port to other major cities around the country. Generally, traffic on the roads to Oslo and Stockholm may be backed up during rush hours, with all roads otherwise easily navigated. Conditions during winter months can become treacherous and many roads may close at this time.

Car hire is available in the town of Trelleborg and many companies will arrange to meet passengers at the port with a vehicle. Advanced online booking remains the best means of securing the make and model of your choice at a competitive rate.

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Trains and Rail Travel

Rail service is operated by Sverige Jarnvag, the Swedish Rail company. This company operates lines to many destinations across Sweden. The train parks at Malmö Central Station, where a local bus can be taken to the port.

Car Parking

Parking is available for short- and long-term stays. Drivers and passengers with disabilities will find ample facilities and designated parking spaces.

Travel by Taxis

Taxis can be hired outside of Arrivals and will arrange to take passengers to any local destinations. The tourist information desk can answer any specific questions about fares and available services.

Trelleborg Port

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