Port of Trelleborg

Harbour Information, Terminals and Facilities
(Trelleborg, Skane, Sweden)

The Swedish port of Trelleborg is one of the largest ferry ports in Scandinavia, with an annual throughput in excess of two million passengers. There are a total of 42 connections daily between Scandinavia and continental Europe. Trelleborg is considered to be a bridge connecting these two areas.

The port's facilities include a kiosk selling hot snacks and newspapers, public telephones and a currency exchange counter.

Passengers waiting to board can wait in the comfortable Departure lounge.

The port is large and equipped to handle a large amount of passenger traffic. Traffic has consistently increased since the early 90s, and the port is growing accordingly.

Ferry Services

TT Lines and Scandilines run services to the ports of Rostock, Travemünde, and Sassnitz with a total of 42 daily connections. Travel time to Rostock is approximately 5 hours, 30 minutes; journeys to Travemünde typically last 7 hours and total time to Sassnitz is 3 hours, 45 minutes.

There are 12 regular vessels that operate both passenger and freight service. Given its location and daily connections, Trelleborg is an important link with Continental Europe.

Contact Port of Trelleborg:
Address: VŠstra Kajgatan, Trelleborg, Skane, Sweden, SE
Tel: +46 410 36 37 00
Fax: +46 410 36 37 29
Email: trelleborgs.hamn@port.trelleborg.se
Trelleborg Port

Trelleborg Port

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