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About Trelleborg, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Trelleborg, Skane, Sweden)

Located in the south of Sweden, Trelleborg serves mostly as a transportation hub between Scandinavia and continental Europe. It's a small community that relies heavily on the sea and its harbour.

There are a few tourist attractions related to the former Viking presence in this area.

What to do in Trelleborg

For the most part, Trelleborg draws its livelihood from the ferry traffic, and it is not a thriving tourist centre in its own right. However, the laidback atmosphere and the ancient Viking roots make for an interesting and informative excursion.

Smygehuk, Sweden's southernmost point, is a short drive from Trelleborg. This region is home to many quaint fishing villages and scenic coastal areas. A drive into the countryside is worthwhile if only to absorb the slower pace. It is also worthwhile exploring a lighthouse and eating a little of the fresh seafood.

Tourist Attractions

The city of Trelleborg used to be a Viking stronghold with the town taking its name from the old Viking fortress that still stands in Trelleborg. It's an impressive wooden building that was once used in defence of the coastline. There is a small museum on site with numerous Viking displays as well as information about early-medieval home life.

An ancient stone sits near the fortress, as does an attractive fountain. There is also a museum in town that charts the region's ancient roots, which date back to the Stone Age.

Trelleborg Port

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